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    Tamil New Year Virtual Meeting 2022
    Devolution of Powers & Development of Tamils in Sri Lanka
    10th April 2022 (via ZOOM) on Sunday
    Time: UK 14.00Hrs | SL 18.30Hrs | Canada (Toronto) 19.00Hrs
    Guest Speaker : Justice C.V. WIGNESWARAN
    (Honourable Member of Parliment in Sri Lanka)
    FREE ATTENDANCE ON ZOOM ID : 875 8579 5736 | Passcode: 830475
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    Appeal to help our brethren in Sri Lanka at this time of crisis


Improve learning environments,
improve student outcomes

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Increase work opportunities,
increase family incomes

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Integrating the marginalised into
community and economy

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Welcome to SCOT – the UK-based charity helping Tamils in northern, central and eastern Sri Lanka to move from a blighted past and present to a brighter, self-sustaining future.

We hope that our website helps you to understand why the work we do is so necessary and encourages you to support that work as much as you can to deliver what is needed. In all our work, we are conscious of the vulnerability of the people we serve and do our best to act accordingly.

SCOT see ourselves as making a difference by not being tied to one place, or institution or initiative, but rather supporting whatever and whomever can ethically and robustly advance our mission in northern, central and eastern Sri Lanka focused on Education, Employment and Empowerment.

We naturally provide some funding to the initiatives that we support. However, we seek to be even more helpful by providing them with advice and guidance based on the individual and collective expertise, experience and contacts of SCOT Members. Amongst our Members are many professionals in medicine, education, social services, technology, agricultural engineering, economic development or business management, with working experience in the West and in Asia and Africa, therefore we are well placed to provide such advice and guidance.

Please browse through our website to see who we are, what we do and how you can help. We look forward to seeing you here on a regular basis to keep up to date on our news and opportunities to help, and maybe seeing you soon at one of our events. If you are not already a Member of SCOT, we encourage you to join us.

Thank you.

Our Projects

The General Council members of SCOT have joined up to form a ‘Project Group’ to propose ways and means to MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO THE NEEDY COMMUNITIES there. The Group is identifying and scoping potential new projects that would address the enhancement in EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT and EMPOWERMENT, the three inter-connected pillars necessary to fulfil SCOT’s primary objective.

There are many ways in which you can support both SCOT and communities in Sri Lanka

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Our Mission

SCOT Embark on projects that would act as catalysts, promoting developments that enhance education, improve employment opportunities and empower the under-privileged, thus having potentials for long term impacts on a wider populace.


Improve learning environments, improve student outcomes


Increase work opportunities, increase family incomes


Integrating the marginalised into community and economy

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Sometimes we need someone to simply be there.. not to fix anything or do anything in particular but just to let our Tamil speaking people feel they are Supported and Cared about