Cataract surgeries camp sponsored by SCOT in Mullaitivu.


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Founded in 1977, The Standing Committee of Tamil Speaking People (SCOT) is one of the older Tamil organisations in the United Kingdom. Our mission is to support vulnerable Tamil-speaking people of Sri Lanka. Click here to learn more about us.

i. REPORT ON TAMIL NEW YEAR LUNCH 28TH APRIL 2019   Click here for details
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3. Click here for SCOT 2018 Souvenir
4. Click here for Message from the President, Auditor's Draft Report and Project Officer's Report.
5. Click here to view a SCOT presentation on the Enhancement of English Language Education in the Northern Privince of Sri Lanka.
6. For details of "An Excellent Musical Concert" by highly acclaimed super singer artists Sonia and Niruja Click here.
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9. Photograph (below) At New Year's Lunch in April 2018

  L-R      Speaker Minister Hon. Mano Ganesan
                     Dr Velauthapillai (President)
                   Mr M Rudran (Projects Officer)
10. For details of the Governing Body of SCOT elected at the Annual General Meeting on 19th November 2017 Click here. To contact SCOT click here.
11. SCOT thanked for timely assistance
SCOT responded immediately to support 300 Tamils including pregnant women and children made homeless by the May 2017 floods in Avisavallai through Women Action Network for Transformation with a donation of £1,000. The situation is being monitored for further assistance if required.". (See a small selection of photographs in left hand panel.)
12. New co-Educational School in Mannar/Nanattan Click here to view photographs and report.
13. The Late Dr. Raj Chandran (General Council Member). Click here to view the memorial service programme conducted under Hindu rites at the cremation of late Dr. Raj Chandran (General Council Member).
14. TIDE - Training In Deaf Education (Sri Lanka)
TIDE is a charity founded in Sri Lanka by Anne East of the United Kingdom: it has been funded by SCOT in the recent past. Click here to view presentation.
15. Dr. Lakshmi Ramaswamy's Bharathanatym Recital A DVD of Dr. Lakshmi Ramaswamy's Bharathanatym recital in June 2015 is now available. To purchase a copy please send Cheque for £15 to cover postage, packaging and delivery to Dr S Navaratanam, 5 Windy Hill, Hutton Brentwood, Essex CM13 2HF
16. From our Youth Committee Chairman. Click here for details.
17. When natural disaster struck in Sri-Lanka in the form of Tsunami and Floods in the East, SCOT extended support immediately to the victims through our partner organisations in Sri Lanka. We understand the pain our people would have gone through during those difficult times. Click here.
18. For photographs at Cataract Surgeries Camp sponsored by SCOT in the Mullaitivu area Click here.

"The greatest poverty of all is the poverty of self help. The Tamil people must be made to 'look within' and generate most of their activities by their own endeavour. To all exiles out of Sri Lanka who are prepared to walk this road, however hard it may be to help the many that we left behind. Our message is that our resolve and commitment must be more determined than ever so that our people do not become exiles in the land of their birth."

The late Dr K Arumugam
Founder President of SCOT
(SCOT Newsletter Nov 1979)
Message from President
Dr. Gnana Sankaralingam
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Messages from Past Presidents, click here

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This Update 2nd May 2019
  1. Added Report on Tamil New Year Lunch amd Lecture.

Tribute to the late Dr V Satkunanayagam
Founder President of Henricians United Kingdom, Vice patron of Henricians for the past 20 years.
   Henricians all around the world remember Dr Satkunanayagam for his great work in the field of psychiatry in Sri Lanka in the UK and also notably his direct involvement with OBA St Henry's.
   Many Tamils will remember him for his outstanding contribution towards charities in the Uinted Kingdom, notably the Standing Committee of Tamils (SCOT). The Henricians are proud of his work amongst special needs and the deprived.
   His association with multi-faith communities is commendable.

NAATYA VIKAARAM - Poetry in evolution
Over 200 guests attended SCOT's fundraising function on 4th August 2012 at Watersmeet Theatre, Rickmansworth, Herts, and everyone was full of praise for the high quality performance and production.
   The Canadian dance troupe had their own audio-visual back screen presentations explaining various themes of evolution of the classical dancing from thousand years BC to the present day ballet. .......Click here for programme and full report

Tribute to the late Mr C Kathiresan
CK, as we at SCOT fondly refer to him, was a fixture of SCOT since its inception in 1977. He was the first Treasurer, then a General Secretary, President, Project Officer, Trustee and till his death, in May, a formidable member of the Executive Committee.
   His passion to help the needy Tamil community back in Sri Lanka cannot be expressed by words.
   He had very rarely missed the GC's monthly meetings during the 35 years he was with SCOT-UK. He was a mentor to many an official and a counsel at meetings. He was held in high esteem by many in Sri Lanka and his circle of friends here in the UK and in other countries. SCOT will miss his much valued support. Click here for Eulogy

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