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Founded in 1977, The Standing Committee of Tamil Speaking People (SCOT) is one of the older Tamil organisations in the United Kingdom. Our mission is to support the vulnerable Tamil speaking people of Sri Lanka.

Relief and rehabilitation was SCOT's primary mission statement when it formed and continues to be its philosophy in its day to day operation. SCOT remains a non-political charitable organisation, registered with the UK Charity Commission. We believe in working in partnership with established national and international non-governmental organisations in Sri Lanka who are best placed to identify needs and priorities for relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction work, basing funding decisions on where the need is greatest and yield value for money.

The physical and psychological impact on those who have survived both manmade and natural disasters that have plagued Sri Lanka over the past several decades is enormous. Families have been torn apart, children have been orphaned and vast numbers have been physically affected through disaster, injury and disease. Homes and livelihoods have been destroyed, together with lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities. Months of bombing, shelling and gunfire have traumatised an already weak and disadvantaged community. What is evident is that the needs are great and unmet at present.

We feel that the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora continues to be a powerful force for good, that has both a great opportunity and responsibility to help those Tamils in need of assistance in Sri Lanka. There is enormous compassion and willingness amongst our community to make a positive contribution to the reconstruction the civil society of a post-war Sri Lanka. We believe that SCOT can provide a channel by which we can realise this.


We are inspired by the courage and experience of the people of Sri Lanka, who despite living through the worst of civil conflict continue to hope for a better life. Our dedicated objective is to provide a base from which expatriate Tamils and other interested members of the UK public can help to improve the living standards and social conditions of Sri Lanka’s Tamil speaking people. In addition we are strongly committed to promoting human rights and we support moves towards establishing inter-racial justice and equality.