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Our Work

What we do

As an organisation we have adapted our activities to the changing context and needs of the people of Sri Lanka. Soon after our inception, we concentrated on providing support to projects that targeted poverty alleviation. However, during the 1980s and into the 1990s, relief and rehabilitation support to the war affected victims became our focus. We have responded to the immediate needs of the 2004 tsunami affected communities and lastly continue to provide support and assistance to victims of the most recent fighting which culminated in a dramatic and bloody ending in the Vanni in 2009.

Who we work with

Working in a country like Sri Lanka means that the road to success is not often smooth. Organisations operate against a changing backdrop of political, economic, environmental and security conditions. Natural and man made disasters interrupt and sometimes even destroy any progress made. Infrastructure is destroyed, people are displaced several times over, families are separated and hope fades. Frustrating as that might be, our Island partners, most of who are affected in the same way as anyone else in the region, rise to the challenges thrown at them, pick up where they left off or simply start all over again.

Through the years we have supported a number of Sri Lankan organisations including:

Updated 13th June 2017
Pageloads since 14th May 2012
  • Hindu Council of Sri Lanka (HCSL)
  • Ramakrishna Mission
  • Human Development Centre (HUDEC)
  • Jaffna University
  • Bishops of Jaffna / Trincomalee / Mannar
  • Batticaloa Mental Health Development Organisation
  • Centre of Women and Development (CWD)
  • Organisation for Rehabilitation of the Handicapped (ORHAN)
  • Organisation for Eelam Refugee Rerhabilitation (OfFER)
  • Sri Durga Devi Thevasthanam (Tellipalai)